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The international symbol of international Pucca when the woman he hid in a secret Tatio found in Times Square. Even more surprising is that the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller is behind her Jane Doe, Agent Weller and the rest of the FBI is aware that every tattoo on the body of Aglow a criminal who(Screenplay), Martin Gera (“Death figure,” “Complex”) serves as executive producer alongside Greg Berlanty (“MasteriesBlendspot is a production Warner Bros Television and Berlanti Production, the names of season 1 are anagrams,who, uncertainty, describe a long-term message from the chronology 1 to 10 episodes describe the main mystery of the game – “Who’s Jane Doe?”, while 11 and 23 episodes are meant to send a good audience to new searches. are anagrams, then the names are palindromes, and the capital letters arecombine to type “KURT WELLER SOS”. Season 3 Names are used for different mailboxes. “Good news” in the headlines begins to write

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 20


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